Goals & Objectives


The over-all goal and vision for project

  1. to produce rainbow trout strains with genes responsible for innate resistance to bacterial and parasitic diseases
  2. to reduce environmental impact, reduce drug application, improve fish welfare, increase production and improve farm economy significantly by securing disease resistant trout in Danish (and later international) aquaculture
  3. secure sustainable fish production - made possible by use of new technology
  4. to elevate the Danish export of trout eggs with inherent disease resistance and increase the world market share – based on branding of disease resistant trout



In order to reach these aims our specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Identify breeding lines carrying genes encoding innate resistance towards bacterial and parasitic pathogens
  2. Identify genes or gene markers correlated with innate resistance against the main diseases in rainbow trout farming
  3. Map genomic location of resistance genes in rainbow trout
  4. Apply genotyping results to select disease resistant trout strains
  5. Bring resistant rainbow strains to the market